Data Scout

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The Data Scout will perform independent market and economic research in various fields and topics also to identify new and relevant data sources in various domains. The Data Scout will develop business relations with industry players such as platforms and vendors in order to provide the data science team accessibility to new data sources and to domain expertise. The Data Scout’ additional role is to initiate, enhance, and to coordinate internal research projects which will integrate technical and data science people.

The Data Scout will research the markets using variety of sources including open sources, discussion with the industry experts, and using professional financial services.

In addition, the Data Scout will perform ongoing market mapping and reports as well as tracking the industry players, developments and trends.


·      Performing Independent market research and financial studies.

·      Ongoing identification of new data opportunities combined with thorough study of new domains.

·      Ongoing planning and coordination between various internal teams, external consultants and other resources to achieve predefined goals

·      Constant monitoring, controlling, scheduling project progress, tasks and activities

·      Ongoing communication with the industry players.

·      Effective internal presentations of the market and financial research results.

·      Ongoing tracking of the various domains using industry sources including conferences, industry players and open sources.


·      BA, Economics, magna cum laude from leading universities

·      MA, Economics, magna cum laude (an advantage)

·      Advantage to candidates with 3+ years of working experience in project management including working with internal and external interfaces

·      High personal communication and teamwork skills

·      Effective presentations skills

·      High level of English - written and verbal

·      Self-motivated, Creative and fast learner 


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Final Israel Ltd. is one of the world’s leading high-frequency trading (HFT) companies.

We use proprietary prediction and trading algorithms as well as highly innovative schemes for handling large amounts of data. As a major participant in the HFT industry, the challenge Final faces is two-fold: to analyze large and complex data sets off-line, as well as to process massive flows of real-time data.

Final’s most important asset, its employees, comprises a hand-picked group of extremely talented, highly motivated, and diverse individuals.

We are looking for a talented researcher to join our Research department.

The position entails research, development and implementation of algorithms in the fields of machine learning, signal processing, data mining and statistics.


  • Summa Cum laude B.Sc. and M.Sc. (average above 92 in both B.Sc. and  M.Sc.) in Computer Sciences / Electrical Engineering / Mathematics / Physics
  • PhD– an advantage
  • 5+ years of experience in the fields of machine learning/ signal Processing/ data mining 
  • Strong statistical analysis and mathematical skills
  • Independent, creative and possess initiative

The most valuable asset on earth.