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Creating a lasting change

At Final, we believe that success is measured not only by financial gain, but also by the positive change we can bring to the communities in which we operate. Based in Israel, we focus on creating sustainable impact, building lasting partnerships and empowering the communities around us.

That is why we have chosen to invest significant resources and concerted efforts to fulfill our commitment.
To achieve our ambitions, we partner with local stakeholders to identify needs, and co-create solutions.
We also utilize our people’s outstanding problem-solving skills and drive to make a tangible and lasting difference in our communities.

We are proud that the majority of Final employees are actively involved in a variety of volunteering activities. They bring their own initiatives to the table and take an active role in the decision-making process that brings their ideas to life. We are happy to support and encourage their desire to give back, knowing that together, we can make a meaningful difference.

Our long-term commitment to social impact
is based on 3 fundamental pillars:
1. Empowering Positive Change in Local Communities
Our goal is to help disadvantaged and socially challenged neighborhoods attain substantial and long-lasting improvement.
We pursue it through community partnerships, investments in resources, volunteering activities and teaming up with the local municipality and various associations to amplify the impact.
The first long-term project was launched back in 2014 in the Yoseftal neighborhood in the city of Petah-Tikva. This ‘cradle-to-career’ program was designed to build local infrastructure, so that neighborhood’s residents will have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
By joining forces, aligning goals, resources, work plans, and measurements, this partnership created a coordinated and focused impact. We were professionally accompanied by Zionut2000 Association, and few other associations. Together we joined forces to promote this important change.
The partnership and comprehensive approach have resulted in significant improvement in the quality, accessibility, and utilization of social services within the community. As a result,
we observed a remarkable positive shift in residents' attitude toward solidarity, sense of belonging, pride, personal safety and increased trust in Public Institutions.
The transformative changes have improved key indicators across the entire population, including increased eligibility for matriculation certificate, strengthened personal and community resilience, military service completion, and higher education enrollment rates.
Today we are gradually handing over the day-to-day responsibility to the local authorities and to the community. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition that maintains continuity and preserves the achievements we have made together.
Based on the success of this local model, we plan to launch a new long-term project in the south of Israel.
2. Promoting technological skills in the periphery (STEM)
Our mission is to promote STEM skills among Israel's social periphery population. We aim to promote equal opportunities and mitigate educational gaps for underprivileged populations. Two inspiring examples are the Robotics group and the “Anan” center operation in Yoseftal neighborhood:

Robotics group

As a tech company, we foster technological skills growth. In the Yoseftal neighborhood, we've established the ‘MetalBoost’ robotics group. Here, our team actively engages in teaching and mentoring local teenagers, empowering them to enhance their technological skills and knowledge.

“Anan” center

As part of our commitment to promote technological skills, we've established  the“Anan” center - a fun tech playground for elementary school kids. Our goal is to encourage kids to become curious, think creatively and feel confident about tech from a young age.
In addition, we collaborate with 2 associations while promoting STEM skills:

“Aharai” association

Runs the "Achrai-Tech" program, in partnership with the 8200 alumni association, designed to make entrepreneurship and technology studies accessible to youth from the social and geographic periphery and by that promoting equal opportunities.

“Ofanim” association

Works to reduce the gaps in the science domain within the framework of informal education.
As part of these partnerships 18 new centers were opened and new educational content was developed.
3. Influencing Environmental sustainability
We raise awareness and take action to promote overall energy efficiency and create a work environment and organizational culture that actively supports environmental sustainability:

Green office

We prioritize recycling, minimize the use of disposable dishes and employ various strategies to reduce our carbon footprint resulting from computer
power consumption.

Promoting renewable energy

We actively seek opportunities to contribute to the development of renewable energy in Israel. Our distinctive partnership with "The Good Energy Initiative" involves Final supporting and assisting numerous public institutions in installing solar panels on their roofs.

Collaborative Eco-conscious Environment

We collaborated with the Venatata Association, sponsoring the planting of 100,000 trees, and the establishment of a community therapeutic gardens in Mizpe Yam, Herzliya.
More partnerships
We also actively engage with the following organizations and programs,
leveraging these partnerships to collectively contribute to positive change.

Fighting online Antisemitism

In partnership with Code for Israel and the movement to fight online anti-Semitism, Final Teams had developed a special algorithm that is now used as the main tool for monitoring online anti-Semitism.

Marine activities with youth at-risk

“Home by the Sea” association brings together special needs populations and youth at-risk, who actively participate in sailing and surfing activities together with Final’s sea lovers and Skippers. This activity aim is to foster a sense of meaning, equality and empowerment which are so important to the well-being of this population.

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