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In a world more and more dominated by learning machines and artificial intelligence, we at Final are especially proud of our humans. This elite team of exceptional people are the soul of our company, and it is our top priority to provide them with a professionally fulfilling environment that supports stable work-life balance. Our employees are encouraged to pursue their passions and are offered diverse opportunities and resources to grow, develop and improve their well-being, while enjoying the flexibility and independence to execute them.

Your Impact

Your Impact

We facilitate an environment in which our people have many opportunities to experiment, grow, gain experience and knowledge and make a significant mark. We put an emphasis on eye-level management, valuing every opinion irrespective of seniority. Our team champions bold ideas, embraces end-to-end accountability, and witnesses firsthand the fast and tangible results of their contributions.

Pure Research  & Technology

Pure Research & Technology

We don't engage with external customers and marketing is not on our agenda. We set our own expectations and have the freedom to keep trying until we succeed. This approach allows our talented men and women to focus on off-the-books research and pure technology implementation without distraction.

Exceptional People

Exceptional People

At Final, a commitment to professional excellence is vital. This commitment is driven by a combination of knowledge, ingenuity, curiosity and experience. Beyond that, our teams are fostering friendships, encouraging open communication, and cultivating a high level of collaboration. Together, we have created a warm, positive and supportive culture that defines the essence of our workplace.

Success & Stability

Success & Stability

Since being established in 2001, Final has been at the forefront of the algorithmic trading industry. We have consistently navigated the ever-changing business landscape, and our remarkable, lasting business success has also translated into a nurturing workplace environment for our valued employees.

We Care

We Care

Caring is at the core of who we are. We prioritize the well-being of our people, ensuring they have the supportive work environment for them to thrive in. We extend our care to the environment and to the community around us. As a leading company in our field, we understand our responsibility to give back. We invest substantial efforts in making a meaningful impact on our community.


Years of shared experiences and friendships create a unique work environment that nurtures continuous success.



Academia is where Final began, and we have kept a truly symbiotic relations with it ever since. From merit based scholarships, rewarding academic excellence, community service and leadership to focused research awards and direct funding for academic research - we are excited to support and encourage academic innovation and are happy to have meaningful engagements with academic faculty, researchers and students.

The Final Award

The Final Award has been our cherished project since 2009. Our commitment extends beyond academic excellence as we believe in fostering personal growth and community engagement. The award recognizes exceptional students in the fields of computer science, physics, electrical engineering, and mathematics, and honors excellence at both the undergraduate and master's levels.

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