C++ Software Engineer

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Full life cycle development of several key applications including: Technical and statistical research, design, coding, integration and maintenance

Developing and integrating new and existing software as part of a large-scale system

Emphasis on C++ development

Working independently but as a part of a strong and collaborative team


  • B.Sc. in Computer Engineering or Computer Science (preferably cum laude, from a leading university)
  • At least 3 years of experience in C++ development
  • Experience in working on complex and large-scale systems
  • Self-motivated and fast learner

DevOps Engineer

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We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic DevOps engineer to join our R&D department. The team develops and maintains the company's private cloud infrastructure (Openstack), large workloads optimization for high throughput and the CI/CD backbone. In pursuit of optimal and efficient resource allocation you will master various technologies and open source projects ranging multiple discipline such as: cloud platforms, distributed storage, HPC and big data. 


  • Develop and integrate automation solutions as infrastructures (PaaS)
  • Maintain and develop private cloud
  • Optimize large data center for high workloads
  • Develop CI/CD infrastructure for the R&D department


  • 5+ years of experience in software development or scripting languages
  • High proficiency in at least one of the following:
  1. Openstack
  2. Linux kernel namespaces internals
  3. Linux kernel KVM internals
  4. K8s networking internals
  5. OpenVSwitch
  6. Workload optimization in HPC / HTC (High Throughput Computing)
  • Team player
  • ·Good time-management skills
  • Self-motivated and an autodidact
  • Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills


  • Active code contributor to one of the following fields:
  1. Openstack
  2. Kernel virtualization mechanisms
  3. K8s networking internals
  4. OpenVSwitch
  5. Leading software defined storage projects (Gluster, Ceph, Hadoop, etc…)
  • Experienced in working in large bare-metal data centers
  • B.Sc. in Engineering or equivalent
  • Service in one of IDF technological units


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