Computing Engineer

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We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic SW engineer to join our cloud team.

The team is responsible to integrate and drive advanced cloud native technologies into our production and research environment, in order to better utilize our resources and increase our systems throughput.

In this role you will work closely with the various SW development teams transforming our entire ecosystem to an on-premise cloud environment.

You will also work with our various research teams to develop our high performance computing environment which is being used by our quantitative researches.

In pursuit of optimal and efficient resource allocation you will master various technologies and open source projects ranging multiple discipline such as: cloud platforms, distributed storage, HPC and big data.    

You will be part of a brilliant engineering team that has open communication, empowerment, innovation, and teamwork.


  • Develop and integrate automation solutions as infrastructures (PaaS)
  • Maintain and develop private cloud
  • Optimize large data center for high workloads
  • Develop CI/CD infrastructure for the R&D department


  • At least 5 years of experience in Python/ C++/ other OO programming language .
  • High proficiency in at least one of the following:
  1. Openstack
  2. Linux kernel namespaces internals
  3. Linux kernel KVM internals
  4. K8s networking internals
  5. OpenVSwitch
  6. Workload optimization in HPC / HTC (High Throughput Computing)

  • B.Sc. in Engineering or equivalent
  • In depth knowledge of Linux operating systems
  • Networking protocol development experience
  • Storage experience and/ or virtual machine experience
  • Understanding of the operational, maintenance, monitoring and support aspects of a business - critical system.
  • Understanding of underlying hardware in large - scale systems and how to best use it.
  • Team player


  • Active code contributor to one of the following fields:
  1. Openstack
  2. Kernel virtualization mechanisms
  3. K8s networking internals
  4. OpenVSwitch
  5. Leading software defined storage projects (Gluster, Ceph, Hadoop, etc…)
  • Experienced in working in large bare-metal data centers
  • Service in one of IDF technological units


Software Engineer – Startup Team

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Being able to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) in a lightning fast timeline.

Be able to be a sole developer on a project, as well as part of a small team, being able to learn on the go and provide creative solutions to complex challenges

Focusing on high risk/reward innovating projects, embracing failure on the way.

Collaborating with all R&D teams, mainly through joint projects and PoCs, having a common goal of adding value.

Advancing and empowering professionalism by integrating cutting edge technologies, providing guidance in current projects and delivering lectures on advanced topics.


  •    10 years of experience in development and at least 5 years hands-on experience in C++
  •    Experience in working on complex and large-scale systems
  •    Self-motivated and fast learner
  •    B.Sc. in Computer Engineering or Computer Science (big advantage)

The most valuable asset on earth.