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Come Beat TheMachine

Can you beat the machine? We, at Final, see the future in data - specifically, financial market data. According to the efficient market’s hypothesis, share prices reflect all information and consistent, reliable prediction of the future share price should be impossible. We challenge this hypothesis daily.

Let's play a simple game! A microcosm of the financial markets if you will. You start with 1000$ in your bank account, and you are given two simple action options - buy or sell. Each round, the machine will try and guess what your next move will be. Your job is to try and be as random as you can when selecting your action. Every time the machine guesses your move correctly, your balance will shrink by 1$. However, should it guess wrong, you will earn a whopping 1.05$!!

If you believe you can be random enough, this should be easy money! BTW, if (when) you give up, and need a little help, the "randomize!" button will enter 10 random actions for you, so that on average you will start winning.

So... Are you up to the challenge?

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