Our Culture

Our staff are at the heart of our company. We offer a relaxed, stimulating and challenging work environment in which a spirit of teamwork and knowledge sharing prevails. Final's core values are professionalism, pragmatism and entrepreneurship. We also grant our employees a high level of autonomy, and are keen for them to learn and to approach topics of research in their own personal way.

At Final we pride ourselves on our flat organizational structure, which encourages people to contribute to and shape the company’s future. We see our staff's creativity and commitment as an integral part of our success, and we remunerate them accordingly.

Staff welfare is central at Final. Besides a wide range of facilities and benefits, we support our employees in maintaining a healthy work–life balance. We believe that work should be more than just a means of making a living, but a place where one can grow professionally and personally. For this reason, we sponsor our staff in mentoring programs and continuing education.